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House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCall has accepted an invitation from the State Department to review secret correspondence regarding the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan in August 2021, and will therefore postpone the forced subpoena of State Department Secretary Anoni Blinken to testify. It is reported by Ariana News.

“After this invitation, I will withhold subpoena subpoena pending review of documents,” Republican Representative Michael McCall wrote in a letter to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. “Nevertheless, the summons to testify remains in effect and acceptance of the invitation does not alter the intentions of the Committee.”

Prior to this, the US State Department said it would allow McCall and a Democrat on the committee Gregory Mixu review the redacted version of the correspondence to protect the identities of those who used the secure channel that allows State Department employees to report their concerns to oversight agencies.

McCall had previously scheduled a committee meeting next week to consider Blinken’s contempt of Congress charge for his refusal to release the correspondence. McCall said he still wants every member of the foreign affairs committee to be able to view the documents, but the State Department objected to “protect the integrity of the closed channel system.”

Contempt of Congress is a felony that can be punished by a fine of up to $100,000 and imprisonment for up to one year.

As reported EADaily President of the U.S.A Joe Biden announced on 14 April 2021 that he had decided to end the 20-year intervention in Afghanistan. August 15, 2021 President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani fled the country, and the Taliban* entered Kabul without a fight.

Michael McCall is investigating the withdrawal of the US-led Western coalition from Afghanistan. Republicans and some Democrats are angry that there has never been a full account in Congress of the chaotic evacuation operation in which 13 US troops were killed at the Kabul airport (the death toll of Afghans is in the hundreds). McCall searched for several months for correspondence from State Department employees through closed channels in July 2021, which refers to the possible collapse of Kabul shortly after the withdrawal of American troops.

*Terrorist organization, banned on the territory of the Russian Federation

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