Blinken handed over to NATO ratification documents for the admission of Finland and Sweden to the alliance


Blinken announced the transfer to NATO of the US ratification protocols for the adoption of Finland and Sweden

The protocols of US ratification on the accession of Finland and Sweden to the North Atlantic Alliance were handed over to NATO. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced this on Twitter.

The documents intended for NATO, he said, will be “the last step in the process of approval by the United States” of the admission of both countries to the military bloc.

The applications of Sweden and Finland to join NATO were approved by 23 countries out of 30 members of the alliance, including the United States.

Russia has repeatedly noted that the further expansion of the North Atlantic Alliance will not bring greater security to Europe. Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov emphasized that NATO is aimed at confrontation and has an aggressive character.

A direct clash with the United States and the military bloc is not in Russia’s interests: the country is still open to dialogue and will continue to behave responsibly – as befits a major nuclear power.

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