Blinken did not rule out the recognition of Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken did not say that the State Department would never recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. Earlier, he said that the inclusion of Russia in the relevant list could lead to undesirable consequences.

During a hearing in the Appropriations Committee of the US Senate, Mr. Blinken was asked: “But you will never include Russia in the list of countries sponsoring terrorism?” “Never say never,” he said in response (quoted by TASS).

In the US, only the State Department can list new countries as sponsors of terrorism. Previously, Anthony Blinken refused to do this due to fears of negative consequences, including problems for the implementation of the grain deal. The US Congress urged Mr. Blinken to take this decision, and the senators submitted a corresponding bill to the Parliament.

Olesya Pavlenko


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