Black Sea Fleet strengthened defense against UAV drone attacks – Commander

A single information field has been formed in Crimea, which includes the aviation of the Black Sea Fleet. This field was created against the backdrop of increased attempts by the Kyiv regime to carry out sabotage on the territory of the peninsula, including with the use of drones. This was stated by the commander of the Black Sea Fleet (BSF), Vice Admiral Viktor Sokolov, in an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper, published today, May 12.

“In the current situation, the enemy, deprived of the possibility of actions at sea, concentrated his efforts on carrying out sabotage and terrorist attacks on the objects of the Black Sea Fleet and critical infrastructure on the territory of Crimea,” – said the Russian naval commander.

For the timely notification of the forces, a single information field was formed, which includes, among other things, aircraft and helicopters of the naval aviation of the fleet. To strengthen the air defense of the base points, additional funds have been attracted to combat duty for air defense in addition to regular ship crews, the commander of the Black Sea Fleet said.

The Vice Admiral also informed that on the peninsula, a build-up of means of protection of the main base of the fleet and places of anchorage of ships was carried out against the backdrop of the threat of attacks by unmanned aerial vehicles.

“In connection with the threat of attacks by robotic surface and underwater systems, the technical means of protecting the main base of the fleet and ship anchorages were built up, optical-electronic and radio-technical surveillance posts were equipped,” he explained.

Ships of the Black Sea Fleet, armed with Caliber cruise missiles, hit more than 180 important enemy targets during the entire period of the special military operation, Sokolov said.

As reported EADaily, Western publications have previously claimed that Ukraine is rapidly gaining a reputation as a country with military “innovation and ingenuity.” A new group, Brave1, has recently been created by the Kyiv regime to manage such work. One of the new types of weapons presented at the launch of the Brave1 project is of particular interest in terms of the strike capabilities of the Ukrainian Navy. This is a small robotic submarine, Toloka TLK 150 marine drone.

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