After the nationwide expansion of the party, the BJP leadership is engaged in broadening and strengthening its reach. For this, leaders from rural areas instead of big cities are being brought forward in the government and organization under the strategy. A lot of work has also been done in this direction in the recent expansion of the Union Council of Ministers, transformation of the states and formation of the National Executive. In fact, the BJP leadership is working on the strategy for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, in which it is likely to face more challenges than the regional parties because of the national parties.

In such a situation, his new strategy can be very effective. A prominent leader of the party has said that the BJP is currently the largest party in the country. It has reach in every state and has reached from towns to villages to strengthen it. Now the leadership there is also being brought forward. Instead of leaders from urban areas with big names and stature, the party is giving importance to leaders from rural areas, both in power and organisation.

Trying to solve social equations

In the coalition government with JDU in Bihar, the party has made its two deputy chief ministers under this and has raised the leadership of the state organization according to this math. In many major states including Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Haryana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, the party is paying special attention to rural areas and leaders coming from that environment. In this, the social equation is also being completely simplified.

No big challenge before BJP at national level

A general secretary of the party has said that our base has become wider, but to strengthen its roots, we also have to strengthen the leadership of those areas. In fact, the BJP does not face any major challenge at the national level, but it has to contend with strong regional parties in various states. In such a situation, he is very conscious about leadership and territory in the states.



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