Binance CEO CZ Clarifies Stance on Bitcoin Mining and Lightning Network Implementation

During a recent Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the CEO of Binance, made significant statements that created waves in the crypto community.

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CZ addressed the topics of Bitcoin mining hardware and the implementation of the Lightning Network, shedding light on Binance’s position.

No Plans for Bitcoin Mining

CZ firmly stated that Binance has no intentions of venturing into the complex realm of Bitcoin mining hardware. He acknowledged the distinct nature of the mining sector, which requires expertise in hardware infrastructure and has competitive advantages held by other players. Recognizing that Binance lacks the necessary knowledge and specialization in mining, the CEO emphasized that the company would focus on its core strengths instead.

Exploring Lightning Network Implementation

During the AMA session, a participant asked about Binance’s plans to implement the Lightning Network on its exchanges. CZ explained that Binance has a secure wallet infrastructure that pre-generates addresses in a protected environment before exporting them to the production environment. However, implementing the Lightning Network poses unique security challenges as pre-generating addresses is not feasible.

CZ revealed that the Binance team is actively working on finding solutions, but emphasized the need for careful consideration of the security aspects involved. He hinted that the initial implementation of the Lightning Network on Binance might focus on enabling transactions for small amounts. While no specific date for implementation was provided, CZ stated that Binance has extensively researched the Lightning Network and aims to support it in the future.

Embracing the Lightning Network

CZ expressed his belief that all exchanges will eventually need to embrace the Lightning Network to leverage its benefits, such as cost savings and faster transactions. The CEO highlighted that implementing the Lightning Network would enhance services like Binance Pay and various wallet offerings. Despite the absence of a concrete timeline, CZ’s comments indicate Binance’s commitment to exploring and adopting the Lightning Network when the security challenges are appropriately addressed.


Binance CEO CZ clarified the company’s stance on Bitcoin mining, asserting that Binance has no plans to enter the mining hardware sector. He emphasized Binance’s focus on its core strengths. Regarding the Lightning Network, CZ acknowledged the security challenges involved in its implementation but assured that Binance is actively working on solutions. The CEO expressed his belief that all exchanges will eventually embrace the Lightning Network to benefit from its advantages. Binance aims to support the Lightning Network in the future, enhancing its services and providing a more efficient experience for users.

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