Bilaspur News: Man calls happiness as his karma and sorrow as his desire: Vijay Kaushal

Bilaspur News: Bilaspur (Naiduniya Representative). The person who leaves his happiness, sorrow and all work on Hari, he is always blessed by God. Human being is greedy. Happiness is called his karma and sorrow is called Hari’s wish. This thinking is very wrong. If you have left your every work on God then all your wishes will be fulfilled. But for this one has to have faith. Pt. Vijay Kaushal Maharaj said these things from the Vyaspeeth on the second day of Lord Ram’s story at Lal Bahadur Shastri School Ground. He also said that the incarnation of God is always with a purpose.

Vijay Kaushal Maharaj narrated Lord Shiva-Parvati dialogue on the second day of Ramkatha. Manas marmgya Vijay Kaushal told that God is neither nirguna nor saguna. Lord Shiva told Mother Parvati that whenever the earth is dominated by unrighteousness, he incarnates to remove the pain of saints and gentlemen and to destroy the wicked. He said that when there is harmony with the intellect, that is samadhi. The importance of the body is secondary in the doctrine of devotional samadhi. The more dedicated a person is in worshiping God with his heart, the more the grace of God will pave the way for welfare. Wherever our body may be, but God should be in our mind. Meditation is the main means to engage the mind in the devotion of God.

leave everything to god

Vijay Kaushal said that only grace is showered on accepting God’s will. It is God’s grace to have customized work. When there is an opposite condition of the mind, it should be our duty to accept it as God’s wish. Sorrows are destroyed by being engrossed in meditation. Manas’s son told that Guru’s grace is the way to get rid of troubles. The door of God’s grace and salvation opens only by following the path shown by the Guru.

The crime of servants is heavy on God

Vijay Kaushal Maharaj presented the Lord Shiva-Parvati dialogue very alive. Lord Shankar told Mother Parvati that under what circumstances God has to take a cosmic form. Mentioning the context of Jai Vijay Dwarpalas in Baikunth Dham, said that even God has to pay for the crimes of the servants. Even God had to take four births to get rid of the curse of sage Sankadik.

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