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Bihar Monsoon 2021: After years, the monsoon is coming ahead of time in Bihar, the Meteorological Department has issued a yellow alert in the state

Bihar Weather Forecast: Monsoon is likely to enter Bihar in the next 48 hours. Meanwhile, pre-monsoon rains have also started in the state. For the first time after years, the monsoon will arrive in Bihar ahead of schedule.


  • Monsoon likely to enter Bihar in 48 hours
  • Pre-monsoon rains also started in the state
  • Monsoon will reach Bihar ahead of schedule for the first time after years
  • Meteorological Department issued yellow alert

Pre Monsoon rains have started in Bihar and Monsoon will enter the state in the next 48 hours. Earlier, moderate to heavy rains have been recorded at many places in the state, while light to moderate rains have occurred at most places. According to the update of the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility of thunderstorms in many parts of the state in the next 48 hours.

Years later, early monsoon in Bihar
The Meteorological Department has asked people to remain alert so that there is no loss of life and property. On the other hand, meteorologists say that once the monsoon rains start, the intensity of thunderstorms and the process of formation of such clouds will decrease. Amidst all this, a warning has been issued to the people to be alert and alert for the next two to three days. Monsoon will enter Bihar via Purnia. Although the standard date is June 13, but this time it will reach one or one and a half days before the scheduled time. It is likely to hit Bihar from the evening of June 11 to the evening of June 12.

If Monsoon reaches Bihar in 48 hours, it will be the first time in last 5-6 years that Monsoon has entered the state prematurely. According to the data, in Bihar on June 22 in 2015, on June 17 in 2016, June 16 in 2017, June 25 in 2018, June 22 in 2019 and June 13 in 2020 last year. .

Monsoon reaches Bagdogra
Southwest Monsoon has now reached Bagdogra bordering Bihar and Bengal and will enter the state in the next 48 hours. If we understand the distance wise, then the nearest monsoon current from the border of Bihar is 160 to 165 km away.

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All conditions are favorable for the onset of Monsoon and it is moving towards Bihar at a slightly faster rate than its natural speed. The cyclonic circulation conditions over the Bay of Bengal region are giving it very favorable help. This cyclonic circulation will develop into a low pressure area in the next two days, which can lead to heavy rains over Northeast India.

Yellow alert issued in Bihar
A yellow alert has been issued for the next 48 hours regarding rain and thunderstorms. Considering the weather trend, this alert is more likely to be extended till June 13. Before the onset of Monsoon and two to three days after the onset of Monsoon, heavy to very heavy at some places and light to moderate rains at almost all places are very likely over the state.

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-09 at 4.43.15 PM.

During this, the condition of thunder and rain will also remain. Heavy rain may occur at many places in North Bihar in the next two days. Overall, there is a possibility of rain in the whole of Bihar for the next five days. Due to this effect, the maximum temperature in the state will drop rapidly.

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-09 at 4.43.15 PM (1).

heavy rain in these places
In the last 24 hours, there was torrential rain at many places. Of these, Siswan recorded 130 mm, Chanpatia and Panchrukhi 110 mm, Kataiah, Forbesganj, Bhore, Ramnagar 90 mm, Narpatganj, Nirmali and Taibpur 70 mm. Apart from this, Patna received 40.4 mm, Gaya 6.4, Darbhanga 28.4, Supaul 19.8 mm. The rain, which started late Tuesday night, continued till Wednesday morning. Due to the rains, the water level of many rivers in the state has increased drastically.


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