Bihar Flood Latest News and Updates: Amidst incessant rains in Bihar, the water level in Kosi and Gandak has decreased slightly. However, it is feared that the rise in the water level of Ganga will continue.


  • Know the updates of rain and floods in Bihar
  • Kosi and Gandak get relief from red mark
  • Water level in Ganga expected to rise for next few days
  • Although there is a slight increase in the water level of the Ganges in Patna.

It has been raining in Bihar for a week continuously. Due to this the water level in Ganga, Kosi and Gandak rose rapidly. For the next few days, the water level of river Ganga in Bihar is only likely to rise.

Ganga decreased in Patna but increased till Bhagalpur
The water level of the Ganges has decreased as fast as it had increased in Patna. However, from Hathidah to Bhagalpur, the water of the Ganges continues to rise. The water level of Punpun near Shripalpur, adjacent to Patna, has also risen slightly.

Relief to Kosi, Gandak
Meanwhile, there is news of relief for the areas adjoining Kosi and Gandak. The discharge in both the rivers has reduced considerably. Kosi has come below the red mark and Gandak has come down from the red mark. According to the Meteorological Department, there has been heavy rainfall in Sitamarhi, Maner, Hajipur and Samastipur in the state in the last 24 hours. Dheng of Sitamarhi has received maximum rainfall of 120 mm.

Rosda in Samastipur has received 107 mm of rain and Samastipur has received 88 mm of rain. At the same time, 73 mm of rain has fallen in Hajipur and 51 mm in Maner of Patna. The water level of Punpun has risen by 32 cm on Monday. In Sripalpur, this river is flowing just one meter below the danger mark. At the same time, Ganga climbed 2.67 meters at Digha Ghat in Patna on Sunday. On Monday, it went down 1.80 meters. Here now this river has gone 2.71 meters below the red mark.

Slight rise in water level in Patna
There has been a slight rise in the water level at Gandhi Ghat and there the Ganga is about one and a half meters below the red danger mark. In the same Hathidah, the Ganges is 1.66 meters below the red mark by increasing 51 cm, while in Munger this river is three and a half meters below the red mark by climbing one and a half meters. In Bhagalpur also the Ganga has risen by about one meter but there it is still 2.75 meters down.

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Light to moderate rain expected in seven districts
On Monday, seven districts – Patna, Nalanda, Arwal, Jehanabad, Vaishali, Bhojpur and Saran remained cloudy. The Meteorological Department has predicted light to moderate rainfall in these seven districts.

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What to say of Water Resources Department
According to sources in the Water Resources Department, “Water from these districts will flow into the Ganges, which will naturally sustain the increase in volume.” Even in the last 24 hours till Monday morning, two districts of the Ganga basin received more rainfall. Khagaria received 77 mm of rain while Samastipur received 65 mm of rain. In the next 24 hours, the water level of Ganga is expected to rise slightly up to Kahalgaon.



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