Bihar Fights Corona: Amidst the second wave of corona in Bihar, the power of youth has taken people by surprise. During the epidemic, Young Bihar stood like a shield in front of the epidemic. A system was created which has never been seen or heard till date.


  • When the youth power of Bihar stood like a shield in front of Corona
  • Know how Young Bihar saved people from the epidemic
  • Amidst the second wave of Corona, help reached thousands of people
  • These stories of young Bihar will inspire you

Corona has killed about ten thousand people in Bihar. In this, most people died in the second wave. But in this wave the state also realized the youth power. The way Young Bihar threw itself into helping people in the second wave of Corona, it is less to be praised. Say that Young Bihar stood like a shield in front of the second wave.

Youth made better use of social media
Since March, social media was flooded with requests for hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, concentrators, blood donors, essential medicines like remdesivir as well as food distribution. But the young corona warriors of Bihar stood like a shield in front of the epidemic in the second wave of corona.

If requested in Delhi, then help reached in Bihar
Nushak Saba, a resident of Bihar, was in Delhi. A total of 10 people from his family and relatives in Patna succumbed to the infection in March 2021. Of these, his mother was in dire need of oxygen support. Seeing no way out, he took the help of social media and the youth of Bihar did wonders.

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His message spread and reached an NGO, which was working for it. That NGO arranged for an oxygen cylinder at his own expense, even got Nushak’s mother done all the tests and even helped in arranging medicines for the family.

Vineet Mishra, a businessman from Rajendra Nagar, works for the same NGO that helped Nushak’s family. He said, ‘When we started getting requests for help, we started a helpline on 23 April. Apart from arranging beds and medical supplies, we have recently distributed ration to around 100 families. We have even tied up with various dealers to provide ‘antifungal injections’ to the hospitals with black fungus.

Patna Women’s College Student Union also came forward
The Student Union of Patna Women’s College started distributing all the necessary items for the rescue of Corona with the help of its alumni from April. Riya Pushkar, general secretary of the CWC body, said, “We collect all the leads available on social media, verify them personally and also make the authentic leads go viral so that the victims are helped at the earliest. We arranged for ICU beds, essential medicine, plasma donor and food distribution information on a daily basis.

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Young software engineer also helped many people
Mohammad Saqib Nejami, a software engineer living in Phulwarisharif, along with his friends, has worked to provide relief to Kovid patients and financially weak people.

He says that ‘we crowdfunded around Rs 2.5 lakh from friends and relatives to provide free medicine and oxygen cylinders. For ration distribution and other relief works during the lockdown, we collected an amount of around Rs 1.5 lakh. During this time we arranged even B positive and AB positive donors for two children suffering from Thalassemia and Jaundice.



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