Bigg Boss 16 Day 131 Written Updates 9 February Priyanka And Shalin Became Emotional After Seeing Their Journey In Bigg Boss Season 16

Bigg Boss 16 Day 131 Written Updates: The episode of the 131st day of Bigg Boss begins with the Bigg Boss anthem. Early in the morning, Archana gets into an argument with Priyanka again over food. Archana then targets Priyanka and says that this is called Bependi ki lauti, Priyanka you are double faced. After this Priyanka shows how much food is being wasted. After this, Priyanka takes out the remaining food from the fridge. On the other hand, Shiv tells Stan that the planning is going on, bro, issues are being snatched away from him. After this, Archana says that if you go with the trophy after three days, then you will blame that she wastes it.

After this, Bigg Boss calls all the family members in the living area and says that today is a very special day when you will relive the moments spent in this house. Bigg Boss says that your outfits are present in the store room. All the family members are very happy to see their outfits.

Priyanka’s name recorded in the history of season 16
Priyanka goes out first. After this Big Boss’s voice comes and Big Boss says that before starting, let me say one thing that there is no scope for business today. Bigg Boss says that Priyanka R was the only contestant in the house who had come with a friend but still often ended up alone. It becomes difficult when no one is standing with you. Priyanka’s voice was also an issue, but she was neither going to be silenced nor suppressed so easily. Even if there is a whole congregation in front of you. In front of your brother, you said that coming to Bigg Boss is like fulfilling your childhood dream. You have not fulfilled this dream, you have lived it everyday for 131 days. After this, Priyanka is also shown the AV of her sweet and sour moments spent in Bigg Boss. Priyanka is very happy to see Avi and also becomes emotional. After this, Bigg Boss says that whether your family members like it or not, it has definitely reached our hearts. Whenever the name of season 16 will be taken, Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary’s name will also be taken.

Shaleen’s journey was like a blockbuster film
After this, Bigg Boss shows Shaleen’s journey. Bigg Boss says that the friendship of the troupe was getting stronger and your friendship was backfiring. Earlier, your friendship with Sumbul was taunted by his family members as well as the family members here. Tina also left no stone unturned to narrate things to you. You kept doing good to everyone from your side but your friends named it as your wrong intention. In the 16-year history of this show, Shaleen Bhanot is the only contestant who has been unlucky in terms of miss-understood and relationships. You tried to resolve the issue while trying to be civil and keeping your name. You had to reprimand even Salman Khan for not saying anything to Tina. Big Boss says that if you have reached here after acting for 131 days, then you have done something right. After this, the journey of Shaleen’s moments spent in Bigg Boss house is shown, seeing which Shaleen gets quite shocked as well as emotional.

After this Bigg Boss says that your ups and downs in the show have been very interesting. In the coming season, it will be very difficult to replace Shaleen Bhanot as a contestant. This journey of yours in Bigg Boss has been in limelight and many thanks to you for making this season of Bigg Boss memorable. At the same time, at the behest of the audience in the house, he takes off his decent shirt and flaunts his body.

With this, the episode of the 131st day of Bigg Boss ends. Tomorrow the memorable journey of 131 days of Shiv, MC Stan and Archana will be shown. Seeing their journey, all the three contestants are not happy. Along with this, Rohit Shetty will have a grand entry in the house, then the five finalists will be made to face the dangers.

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