Big disclosure about the construction of football grounds, so many laborers lost their lives

Internet Desk. Teams are playing matches continuously in the FIFA World Cup, many records are being made and many records are also being broken. In such a situation, there has been a disclosure about the football ground in which the players are scoring goals and that disclosure is so big that after that there has been a ruckus in Qatar. Yes, 400 to 500 laborers have died in the construction of the football grounds where these events are being held.

According to the information, the Secretary-General of Qatar’s Apex Committee on Delivery and Legacy has told this figure in an interview given to a British journalist. According to this figure, it is believed that more people may also die, but this figure is believed to be 400 to 500.

According to the report, more than $ 200 billion has been spent in Qatar to host the FIFA World Cup. In such a situation, it is believed that the laborers who died were from other countries and most of the people here come from places like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan.

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