Bieber and Dolik: Prigozhin revealed who will stop the thousands of troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Artemivsk

Federal news agency
Federal news agency

Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Anna Malyar said that not all Wagner PMC fighters left Artemivsk. Her words were commented on by the founder of the “orchestra” Yevgeny Prigozhin.

He stressed that 99% of the “musicians” left Artemovsk. However, two fighters remain there – Bieber and Dolik, who played an important role in the liberation of the city.

“I have already shown them to you. Bieber and Dolik in Bakhmut do not instruct the Russian army, because the Russian army does not tolerate briefings, it will instruct anyone you want, ”the press service reports Prigozhin’s words. company “Concord”.

He added that the fighters are needed for a possible offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. If the Ukrainian military go to Artemivsk from Chasov Yar, Konstantinovka and other settlements, then Bieber and Dolik “will join the battle and save the day.”

“Anechka saw Bieber and Dolik in Bakhmut. Do not be shy, Anechka, if you saw Bieber and Dolik and liked them many times, there is nothing shameful in this, ”Prigozhin said.

Earlier, he reported that Wagner PMC won with the help of competent organization and management. An important role in this process was played by the fighters left in Artemovsk.


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