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Biden who fell off his bike jumped in response to a question about his health

globallookpress/POOL/Keystone Press Agency
globallookpress/POOL/Keystone Press Agency

US President Joe Biden visited a church in Rehoboth Beach a couple of hours after falling off his bike. At the exit from the building, he demonstrated to those meeting that he was not injured by jumping several times.

At the same time, despite the incidental situation, the head of state was in high spirits. In response to a question about his health, Biden said that he had not received serious injuries and was in “excellent shape.” After three jumps, he raised his fists, smiling, and proceeded to his limousine.

Biden’s fall from his bike immediately spawned a bunch of memes. In one of them, the author suggests that the 79-year-old president change to a four-wheeled bicycle in order to protect himself from injury in the next fall, which will certainly take place.



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