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Biden Putin Summit: Biden going to have an important summit with Putin, Donald Trump said – don’t go to sleep

Biden Putin Summit: US President Joe Biden is going to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time after coming to power. Meanwhile, former US President Donald Trump has taunted Biden.


  • Biden is going to have a very important meeting with Russian President Putin in Geneva
  • This is his first foreign visit since Joe Biden became US President this year.
  • Former US President Donald Trump warns Biden not to fall asleep during talks

US President Joe Biden is going to have a very important meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Swiss city of Geneva amid the Corona virus crisis. This is Biden’s first foreign visit since becoming president. The eyes of Biden, who strongly attacked Putin during the US election campaign, are all over the world. Meanwhile, former US President Donald Trump has congratulated Biden and also warned not to fall asleep during the talks.

Donald Trump said in an email message, “Many congratulations to Joe Biden for his meeting with President Putin. Don’t fall asleep during the meeting and yes please convey my warm wishes to him.’ Donald Trump has been calling Biden ‘Slippy Joe’ during his election campaign last year. He claimed several times that Biden’s mental health was deteriorating.

Before the meeting, Russia gave a blow to Biden

Russia will not distance itself from China to improve relations with the US. A top Russian diplomat said this on Thursday ahead of the crucial summit between Biden and Putin. Biden will hold a meeting with Putin in Geneva on June 16 in which a range of issues are likely to be discussed. The two leaders will meet face-to-face for the first time amid US-Russia tensions.

Russia’s ambassador to China Andrey Denisov told China’s official Global Times on Thursday, “Russia will not distance itself from China over America.” Putin told the Xinhua Dialogue Committee in digital talks with foreign media on June 3 that Russia-China relations are at an “unprecedented high level” and the two sides share broad common interests. There are concerns in Beijing over the Biden-Putin summit as Washington seeks to soften the Russian leader’s attempt to ally with China against the US and the European Union.

18th century villa will host the meeting
The summit of US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin will take place next week in a grand 18th-century villa in the middle of a public park in Geneva, according to Switzerland’s foreign ministry. Swiss authorities closed Geneva’s Parc de la Grange to the public for ten days from Tuesday, also located in the middle of the complex, the Villa la Grange.

The authorities had not given any reason for the closure of the complex to the general public before Thursday. The ministry announced this place as the summit venue. Security teams have put up sign boards instructing the closure of the campus and nearby parking and traffic. Fencing has also been done around the park. Lake Geneva (Lake) is also visible from this villa. These villas and gardens are surrounded by large trees and many trees here are more than 200 years old. It is Biden’s first diplomatic foreign trip since becoming US president in January.


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