Biden is optimistic about the prospects for an agreement with the Republicans to raise the national debt limit

US President Joe Biden said he was optimistic about the prospects for an agreement to raise the national debt ceiling with the Republican Party. In turn, Republican and Speaker of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy said that the parties are far from an agreement, but it could be concluded by the end of the week.

“The President stressed that while there is still much work to be done on a number of complex issues, he is optimistic that there is a path to a responsible bipartisan budget agreement if both sides negotiate in good faith and recognize that neither side gets everything. what he wants, ”says statement White House following Joe Biden’s talks with congressmen.

The White House added that at the end of the week, Joe Biden plans to talk with congressmen by phone, as well as hold another meeting with them after returning from a trip abroad.

Kevin McCarthy told reporters after the talks that Congress and the White House are far from an agreement to raise the debt ceiling. “There is an opportunity to conclude a deal by the end of the week, it is not so difficult to reach an agreement,” he said (quoted from TASS).

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has twice warned the US Congress about the risks of default due to the June 1 debt ceiling. The Republican Party that controls the House of Representatives refuses to raise the ceiling without budgetary reforms. Joe Biden said he was ready to discuss spending cuts with Congress, but “not under the threat of default.” On May 13, Mr. Biden spoke about progress in the negotiations.

For more information about the situation in the American economy, see Kommersant’s article “Investors hit the ceiling.”

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