Biden got off with a half-measure over the issue of gun violence

President Joe Biden issued an executive order Tuesday aimed at curbing the rise in gun violence in the United States. He announced the measure on his way to California in a speech he delivered in Monterey Park, where a gunman shot dead 11 people celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year in late January.

Among other things, the ruling directs the Attorney General to increase the requirement for federally licensed gun dealers that their customers be screened before buying firearms.

President Biden also demanded members of his government ensure that federal law enforcement agencies are aware of the exact provisions of last year’s law tightening gun ownership regulations.

He also directed his administration to develop plans for more organized support for communities affected by gun violence.

The executive order does not change existing gun laws, but simply requires the correct application of existing laws, which analysts say is normal procedure for the president when he cannot cooperate with the House of Representatives or the entire Congress.

Joe Biden has repeatedly said since the gun attacks in the first two months of this year that he wants to further tighten gun ownership regulations, citing a complete ban on “offensive firearms” in the United States as a political goal. The latter in the United States means all kinds of automatic rifles and submachine guns.

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