Bidding for the lease of Russian state property was transferred online – Kommersant

Bidding for the lease of state property will become electronic, the corresponding order of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) was registered by the Ministry of Justice. Earlier, regional authorities have repeatedly asked the FAS to consider the possibility of transferring “paper” trading to online mode.

The Order simplifies the bidding procedure and increases their accessibility for participants. Electronic trading will increase the overall level of digitalization in Russia, and the authorities will be able to conclude contracts at the best price due to the growth in the number of competing companies, which will increase rental income.

“The document introduces an electronic bidding procedure for the right to conclude lease agreements for state and municipal property,” the document says. message FAS. Since 2017, several laws have been adopted that have transferred procurement procedures to electronic form, reducing the number of procurement methods.

The government is unifying bidding procedures and converting them to electronic form in order to ensure transparency and competition in the sector (last year’s bidding managed to increase the initial price by an average of 25%). In the meantime, the Ministry of Finance stated that during the year it is necessary to conduct an inventory of all state facilities, including movable and immovable property, as well as land plots, and to determine target functions for each. If this fails, the assets will be available for sale or lease.

Read more in the publication “Kommersant FM” “State property will be uploaded to the marketplace.”

Maria Fedotova


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