Bibikova spoke about the planned indexation of military pensions

Bibikova spoke about the planned indexation of military pensions

Elena Bibikova.
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Every year on October 1, the indexation of military pensions is carried out in a planned manner. Elena Bibikova, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy, told the Parliamentary Newspaper about this.

“It is planned to increase the monetary allowance of military personnel by four percent, therefore, the amount of payments to military pensioners will traditionally be increased and is traditionally tied to an increase in the monetary allowance of active military personnel,” the senator noted.

She also added that before this date in 2022, the accruals for retirees had already been indexed twice: on January 1 – by 8.6 percent, and on June 1 – by 10 percent. All this was done so that all categories of military pensioners received an 8.6 percent increase in pensions in 2022.

Read the full material in the article “Parliamentary newspaper” “Who will increase pensions from October 1.”

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