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In the end of April EADaily talked about how a rock band with low social responsibility “Bi-2” disrupted their own performance in Omsk, draping a patriotic banner on the stage with black cloth. And now on the page of the VKontakte team, information about the transfer of concerts appeared today.

“Friends, our concerts in Kazan, Ufa, Astrakhan, Cheboksary, Tallinn, Perm and Yaroslavl are postponed to autumn 2022. Concert in Moscow rescheduled to June 10, 2023. Our music has always brought people together, and not vice versa – we want it to continue to be so. We stay with you, but so far without live concerts.”

Earlier in St. Petersburg, without explanation, the play “Letters and Songs” was also postponed, in which “Quartet I” and “Bi-2” participate.

According to URA.RU, on April 28, First Deputy Minister for Youth Affairs, Physical Culture and Sports of the Omsk Region Ivan Kolesnik announced that Leva and Shura (according to passports – natives of the Byelorussian SSR, citizens of Israel Egor Bortnik and Alexander Uman. – approx. EADaily) they did not want to perform against the background of a banner with the inscription: “For the President!”, and the organizers of the concert tried to hang the tricolor with a black canvas.

The musicians, in turn, said that for each show they build a black “cabinet” around the stage, which they consider an integral part of the set design. According to them, the administration of the site began to dismantle the scenery, and then blocked the entrance for spectators and put up additional security. What storytellers! Their “cabinet” is on the “back” of the stage. Yeah.

Meanwhile, the deputy of the State Duma Dmitry Kuznetsov This is how he assessed the April performance of the presumptuous team at the anniversary of the legendary corporation:

“Lyova and Shura Bi-2 fired an employee for supporting the special operation, and a large-scale celebration was held in Severodvinsk, at which the Arktika Production Association (United Shipbuilding Corporation) celebrated its 70th anniversary with a performance by Shura and Lyova. Tomorrow I will send a parliamentary inquiry to the state-owned enterprise whether it is still possible to refrain from inviting pop stars with an anti-state position to concerts for the time being.

Moreover, on his page on social networks, Lyova predicted a gloomy future for our country, saying that the Russians would have the worst thing left – to live without a future:

“Yes, I forgot – and complete poverty.”

Writer Zakhar Prilepin recalled that the group spoke in a similar tone in 2014, after Crimea and Donbass. And the singer Yulia Chicherina “Bishechki” tried to ban the song “My Rock and Roll”.

Hence Prilepin’s sarcasm:

“In general, such forecasts are more like letters Santa Claus. There is a strong feeling that this is not a fear of such scenarios – they are exactly what they want it to be. And then, in the ruins, the people will remember that Lyova warned him.”

Yakov Pavlov


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