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    Technology has made everything easy for us. There was a time when shopping meant going to the market, but nowadays shopping can be done sitting at home. Online shopping has become very popular in cities and towns. To take advantage of this habit of people, hackers are ambushed with fake shopping websites to cheat people.

    the pauper can make a mistake
    Any mistake in making purchases through the Internet can cause huge loss to the customers. Consumers are falling prey to fraud by getting trapped in the websites selling goods at low prices on the internet. Users unknowingly or unknowingly get caught in the hands of fraudsters and in return, mutilated saris and dummy phones are sent by the same thugs.

    This site cheated thousands of Indians is one such portal that has duped thousands of Indian users. The website lured buyers to buy the gadgets and disappeared soon after making the payment. The website is currently inactive. Users are now seeing a Chinese message on the URL of that reads “Site Not Found. Your request did not find the corresponding site in the webserver!” translates.

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    Victims told – how to become a victim
    Sujit Verma, one of the victims of the fraud, posted his experience on that he placed an order and paid online. But the website didn’t deliver the product, and now it doesn’t even exist. Another victim named Sunil Gupta, sharing his experience, said that he had ordered an SSD, but after the payment was made, the website did not respond or shipped the product.

    There are many other experiences where buyers fall prey to these malicious and fake shopping websites and then file a complaint with the cybercrime cell.

    According to the cybercrime wing, while shopping online, keep in mind that either the site has the option of cash on delivery. Apart from this, if someone contacts them through phone call, SMS or email asking for information like bank account or mobile number of the customer, then do not share the details.

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    How to protect yourself from fake shopping websites

    • You can find out about certification on the company’s website from the Internet, and many online portals provide information on company registration and its legality.
    • Check the Copyright option and look for VAT ID.
    • Go to the home page of the website and click on Contact. If you can’t find information like address, avoid buying from such sites.
    • Check HTTP in website link.
    • Due to discounts and cashback, most of the customers shop on online shopping websites. If you are getting a product at a very low price on any website, then note that there may be some fraud in it.



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