The days went when people used to buy assembled desktops. Assembling desktops are easy to buy a budget laptop, as well as affordable. The advantages are very clear.

Laptops do not take much space so you do not have to make room for laptops in your living room or bedroom. The second is that you can keep the laptop back in the backpack and take it anywhere.

Before buying a laptop, you should look at your personal needs and think about what you are purchasing a new laptop and how you will use it.

Why buy laptops in less than Rs 20,000?

Not everybody needed laptops to run razor-thin laptops or high-end PC games. Sometimes a basic laptop is needed to run Skype calls, Word, Excel or other office applications or to watch movies or TV shows.

Students living in the hostel require a basic computer for their assignments and projects for which a budget laptop should be adequate.

Occasionally you need a second computer in the house for your children and the basic task of any other member of the family. Today’s budget laptops are often good for basic photo editing, which you can not always easily do in your phone or tablet.

Acer Aspire 3 (A315-32)

Among the laptops we have tested in less than Rs 20,000, we found that Acer Aspire 3 (A315-32) gets better performance and best price. It is quite slim, which we liked.

The plastic body has been made well, there is not much flexibility in the lid or keyboard area. The lid can lead to 180 degrees so you can work comfortably. This is one of the few laptops in this segment, which can be accessed via RAM and hard drives for easy upgrades.

Laptops will get Windows 10 Pro installs, as well as some work apps that help keep drivers and software up to date. The laptop is equipped with Intel Pentium Silver N5000 quad-core CPU, 4GB RAM, 1 TB hard drive and Wi-Fi 802.11 AC. In tests like file compression and video encoding, Aspire 3 (A315-32) took the least amount of time compared to the other laptops we had tested.

Battery life is also good, once you charge you will be able to do more work all day long. Aspire 3 (A315-32) is not a perfect laptop and the reason behind this is that Acer gave so much specification in this price segment but there was little agreement with the display and speakers.

Viewing angle is also not the best and brightness could also be better. The stereo speakers are on the lower part and when the loud sound of these sounds, the sound does not look good. This is one of the heaviest laptops in our used laptops. Overall, if you want a bigger screen and the lower resolution is not a problem for you then Aspire 3 (A315-32) can prove to be a great option for you in 19,990 rupees.

iBall CompBook Netizen 4G

We have tested several laptops of iBall in the last few years, but CompBook Netizen 4G is a unique offering launched some time ago, especially considering its price. This laptop comes with a 4G SIM slot, which allows you to stay connected to the internet all the time.

This feature can be useful for those who often travel and do not want to be disturbed by putting 4G dongles or tethering with phones. Battery life is quite good and on light workload, we have done all the work on it all day long. CompBook Netizen has a full-HD display through which a 14-inch panel shows photos and text sharp.

Inbuilt storage is 64 GB which is better. CompBook Netizen is a compartment on the bottom of 4G from where you can install 2.5 inch SSD or hard drive. There are some things where it lags behind other competing devices, its CPU power, and its build quality

This laptop used the Intel Celeron N3350 processor, which is quite old. Its single and multi-core performance is also not good, due to this, file compression and video encoding take much time.  The plastic body does not look much stronger nor does it look premium. This laptop is getting in India for Rs 14,990. In this range, Asus provides better-looking laptops.

We chose these best budget laptops for less than Rs 20,000

Our main criterion in this segment was that the laptop should have Windows 10 Pro installed. There are several options that come with DOS or Free Linux which are sold at low cost.

Such laptops can prove to be a good option for you when you have already bought Windows licenses or are compatible with Linux for general web browsing and such tasks.

Secondly, we have ignored old laptop models that come with weak and old CPUs. By this, we have been able to keep our search limited.

You can not expect the Intel Core i3 or AMD Ryzen CPU in the price segment of fewer than 20,000 rupees. In this segment, you will find laptop equipped with Intel Pentium or Celeron CPU. We ignored Intel’s old Atom X5 series and laptops based on AMD E2 and A-Series APUs because they are now quite old.

Intel Pentium Silver N5000 is a good CPU. It is new and reduces power consumption too. It comes with DDR4 memory support. In this price segment, the Pentium N3 xxx series laptops are usually available. It is a little old, in this model you will only get four cores.

The Intel Celeron processor is not as powerful as the Pentium series. The Celeron N4000 is a new CPU, but it has only two cores. We have focused on the laptops model that is available on the online e-commerce site so that if customers want it, they can easily buy it.

Most of these models should also be available at the offline retail store in India if you hesitate to buy online laptops. The one thing you should know is that the prices of laptops continue to decrease. In this list, there may be a slight increase in the price of laptops coming near Best Windows Laptop Under 20000 on our list.

Asus VivoBook X540MA

Vivobook X540 MA laptop is based on the Intel Celeron N4000 CPU and comes with 4 GB RAM and 500 GB hard drive. The selection of USB port in this laptop has been done well, although all have been placed aside, which are very close to each other. In this case, if you are using a USB device with a plug, which is larger than normal, then it can block the accompanying port.

You get a DVD drive in this model, it is useful for you when you need to back up. This laptop is a bit heavy. The plastic and color schemes give it a little cheaper look. Performance is also slow, watching displays of HD display are also weak. Its battery life is also not good and approximately 18,990 plus many better options are available.

Asus E203N

This Asus brand laptop is available at Rs. 12,990. The old Intel Celeron EN 3350 CPU is used, but its compact size can be liked by most people. It is slim and light and it also has a USB Type-C port which can not be seen in this segment. The 11.6-inch display is not very big, but at least HD resolution in this size is not very low.

The biggest problem is the laptop’s storage. For Windows and your application, only 2 GB DDR3 RAM and 32 GB MMC flash memory is not enough. Windows boots are fast but we did not see many things running during the test because the storage was causing the problem. If you are going to use a web-based application or you do most of your work on the browser, then this should not be a big problem for you. The Asus E203N has a MicroSD card slot that lets you increase the storage if you need it.

HP Notebook 15-Bs589TU

While writing this article the price of HP Notebook 15-BS 589 TU was around 19,789 rupees. We could not test this laptop but at this price, you will find Intel Pentium N3710 Quad-Core CPU, 4GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, DVD Writer, three USB ports, HDMI and LAN port in this laptop. It comes with an HD webcam and 41WHr battery.

iBall Compbook Premio v2.0

The computing premiere version 2.0 has a strong Intel Pentium N4200 CPU and comes with 4 GB RAM. It’s light and portable, as well as it comes with Windows 10. Its battery life is also good. It is available at Rs. 17,235, 32 GB is very low for onboard flash storage applications and files. As we mentioned in our review, we found that the plastic body folds easily. The display panel is also not very good. Battery life, on the other hand, is quite good.

iBall Compbook Marvel 6

The price of iBall Compbook Marvel 6 is around Rs 11,990. At this price you get full HD 14-inch display, 3 GB RAM and 32 GB storage. Storage may be a problem for you if you store many files.

The CPU is good for basic tasks but still a little weak compared to other options. Body and trackpad are not strong, but there is a compartment on the bottom of this laptop where you can add a 2.5-inch hard drive. Like the CompuPro Premio version 2.0, its battery life is also good. This list of “Best Windows Laptop Under 20000“.