Berkshire Hathaway Q4 earnings 2022

Warren Buffett.

Gerald Miller | CNBC

Berkshire HathawayDue to inflationary pressures,’s operating profit fell in the fourth quarter.

Berkshire Hathaway’s A release stated that operating earnings reached $6.7 billion for the fourth quarter 2022. Saturday. That’s Profits totaled $7.285billion in the year-earlier period, which was 7.9% lower than last year. Operating Earnings refers to the total profit made by businesses owned by the conglomerate.

For Operating earnings of the conglomerate totaled $30.793 million in the same year. That’s Up 12.2% from $27.455 trillion in 2021

Meanwhile, Berkshire In the fourth quarter, $2.855 billion was used to buy back shares. That’s It was lower than the $6.9 billion share repurchases in the year prior.

Given this, Berkshire’s Cash hoard increased to $128.651 trillion in the fourth quarter 2022. That’s Up from $109 billion in quarter three

Buffett He stated in his annual shareholder newsletter that Berkshire Will continue to hold a “boatload” U.S. dollars and cash Treasury Along with its many businesses, bills are also included. He It was stated that the future CEOs of the company will be a “significant part” They are worth approximately $2.5 billion Berkshire shares.

“We will also avoid behavior that could result in any uncomfortable cash needs at inconvenient times, including financial panics and unprecedented insurance losses,” Buffett wrote.

“And yes, our shareholders will continue to save and prosper by retaining earnings. At Berkshire, there will be no finish line.”

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