Home News Belarusian oppositionist called Russian artists “occupiers”

Belarusian oppositionist called Russian artists “occupiers”


“The occupiers sang for their own,” – so the former Minister of Culture of Belarus, and now one of the leaders of the Belarusian opposition
Pavel Latushko characterized the celebration of the Day of Russia in Minsk, which, in his opinion, is “an essentially anti-Belarusian event.” A video with this statement appeared on the politician’s YouTube channel on June 14.

According to Latushko, the concert on the occasion of the Day of Russia, held on June 11 in Minsk, was sponsored by purely Russian companies: Gazprom, Lukoil, VTB Bank, Russian Railways. Moreover, the latter allegedly brought Russian citizens to a concert in the Belarusian capital.

“Neither Lukashenka nor his Kremlin curators today are even confident in the supporters of the regime and are not ready to gather them in one place. For them, even Lukashenka’s nuclear electorate, the so-called “yabats”, are still Belarusians, and they do not trust Belarusians. They despise them…


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