Belarusian border guards tried to lure Ukrainian colleagues with borscht

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Belarusian border guards launched an audio recording at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about “borscht-relatives”, which are not found in European cuisine. This was reported by Sputnik in Telegram channel.

“When you have nothing to cook borscht from, come over to our side. Try Belarusian borscht. You won’t regret it,” a pleasant female voice broadcast in Belarusian.

In the audio recording, the Belarusians told how Ukrainian and Belarusian borscht are similar and how they differ. They also noted that there is no similar dish in European cuisine.

In response, Ukrainian border guards said that Belarusian borscht “looks more like Russian cabbage soup.”

UNESCO previously included borscht in the list of intangible heritage that needs urgent protection. The organization recognized its Ukrainian origin and considered that the dish should be protected. In Russia, the idea of ​​u200bu200b”protecting” borscht was considered stupid.


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