Belarus due to the Ukrainian crisis has changed the combat training program

Minsk, due to the conflict in Ukraine, completely reworked the combat training program. This was announced by the assistant to the head of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus Leonid Kasinsky.

According to him, in addition to reworking the combat training program, the ministry also revised the training system itself.

“We made fundamental conclusions on the purchase, modernization and equipping of the armed forces with new promising models of weapons and equipment,” – he said.

Kasinsky noted that some samples of military equipment should not be discounted, which, according to experts, are allegedly outdated. For example, we are talking about a tank, as many believe that this is already a weapon of the past. According to him, “in fact, it is not so.”

In addition, he spoke about the adjustment of the fight. Kasinsky noted that even for 10-15 years it was believed that they could be made within minutes or hours, today the ministry came to the conclusion that such decisions should be made in real time.

Speaking about the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus, the Assistant Minister of Defense said that Minsk is ready to “sober up the hotheads in Europe if any of them wish to commit aggressive actions against the country.” He also recalled that the air forces of the republic have already been converted to carry tactical nuclear weapons. In addition, the servicemen completed a full course of training on the use of S-400 systems and Iskander missile systems.

Recall that Belarus is not officially involved in a special military operation in Ukraine. At the same time, Minsk is preparing to repel any external aggression. Earlier it became known that Belarus and Russia agreed on the deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of the republic.

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