Beijing residents pay for subway fares with palm prints

A new biometric metro fare payment technology was tested in the capital of China. To go down to the “subway”, passengers just need to scan their palm on the turnstile.

The innovative system was installed at one of the subway stations in Beijing. The first passengers tried the unusual service by taking their fingerprints to check in at a special machine. After that, they were able to pay for the trip with a simple wave of their hand at the turnstiles with a touch pad, marked with a green circle.

“The passage to the metro station has become much faster and more convenient. This technology deserves mass distribution,” one of the passengers shared his impressions.

The registration process is one-time and does not require repetition. Data masking and encryption technologies are used to protect user data, which ensures high reliability. Passenger identification is carried out by scanning the hand both on the surface and at the level of the veins.

“I think the palm scanning technology for subway rides is very good and convenient. The science and technology of our country are becoming more and more advanced. I feel so happy. This is a big breakthrough, including in the field of tourism services,” said another passenger, Xiang.

The palm recognition payment feature was launched by Chinese tech giant Tencent. The system will be useful in cases where a person forgot to take a passenger card, bank card or smartphone with him, as well as for the elderly and people with limited mobility.


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