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Before sharing data related to vaccine, states should take permission, know why the center gave this advice

The Ministry of Health has advised the states regarding information related to the stock and storage temperature of the corona vaccine. The Center has also given an explanation in this regard. It explains why such advice has been given to the states.


  • Advice to states regarding vaccine stock, storage temperature
  • Vaccination data visible on the Covin platform
  • Center said – we are committed to transparency in vaccination program

New Delhi
The government on Thursday asked the Center to seek permission before sharing the data of E-WIN (Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network) related to stock, storage temperature related to Corona vaccine. The Center said that the purpose of this advisory is to prevent misuse of this information for commercial purposes by various agencies.

Clarification given on media reports
This clarification of the Ministry of Health comes on media reports that the Center has written to the States and Union Territories to inform them about the data of the Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (E-WIN) on the stock of vaccine and storage temperature of the vaccine without approval. Advising not to share publicly. The report said this is “sensitive information and should be used only for the betterment of the programme”.

Fears of manipulation in the use of data
The ministry said in its statement, “For various vaccines used in the Global Immunization Program (UIP), critical information on vaccine use trends and temperature data in relation to such vaccines may be used to manipulate the market.” It said, “It is pertinent to note that the Ministry of Health is now using the e-Win electronic platform for all vaccines used under UIP for more than six years. Health ministry approval would be required before sharing of sensitive e-WIN data on storage and storage temperature.

Data visible on the Covin platform
Data on the stock of COVID-19 vaccines, their consumption and the remaining vaccines are visible on the Kovin platform. The Union Health Ministry also regularly shares this through weekly press conferences and regular press releases. “The health ministry’s letter to the states and union territories is aimed at preventing such sensitive data from being used for unauthorized commercial purposes,” the ministry said.

Commitment to transparency in vaccination program
It further states that the Government of India is committed to transparency in the COVID-19 vaccination program and that is why it has come up with a system based on real-time information technology for vaccine-related surveillance through CoVin. The purpose of this step is to share information regularly with the general public, the statement said.

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