Because of climate change, the Rhine is to be rebuilt


The low water level in the Rhine, which has been going on for weeks, has led to demands to implement the eight-point plan agreed in 2018, which the economy had currently agreed with the Ministry of Transport. This also includes a conversion of the Rhine.

According to information from the municipal drainage works in Cologne, a Rhine water level of 0.75 meters Cologne level (KP) was measured on August 15 at 06:00. A Rhine water level of 0.70 meters KP ± five centimeters is expected for Tuesday. The Rhine water level in Cologne will probably hardly change in the next few days.

Now the low water caused by the drought is loud Cologne city gazette at Leverkusen has been revealing secrets for decades.

As the Handelsblatt reported on Sunday, the low water is also due to political failure. According to the newspaper, the Rhine level, which has been falling for weeks, is an example of how climate change is causing Germany to become hotter and drier – with dramatic consequences for the landscape, economy and society. The Rhine has now dried up so much that commercial shipping is no longer navigable in places.

Companies that depend on Europe’s largest waterway to supply raw materials have had to fill up their warehouses and explore alternative transport routes for weeks. In the event of persistent low water, production cutbacks cannot be ruled out Handelsblatt.

The economy had already agreed an eight-point plan against low water with the Ministry of Transport in 2018 in order to prepare for such events in the future. But we are still waiting for the decisive contribution:

“However, the decisive contribution of politics is still pending: namely to improve the navigability of the Rhine through conversion,” the newspaper stated.

Therefore, the renewed low water is just one example of the failure of the federal and state governments to set the right course for climate change. In addition, there is no national heat action plan to protect risk groups. Now let time bear no more delay.

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