Became known the details of the double murder, in which the brother of actress Ekaterina Volkova was accused

Global Look Press |  Anatoly Lomohov/Russian Look
Global Look Press | Anatoly Lomohov/Russian Look

A friend of two Russians killed in the United States told the details of what happened. According to her, the brother of the actress Ekaterina Volkova 41 year old Leonid Volkov killed his friends and dismembered one of them, writes star hit.

Killed photographer Pavel Vekshin and cybersecurity specialist Kirill Schukin helped the man rent housing in Boston and became his guarantors. When Volkov was evicted from his house for non-payment, the men actively contributed to this.

Later, the brother of the Russian actress was charged with the murder of two of his friends in the United States. A friend of the victims said that the criminal rented a vault in the name of Shchukin and transferred the remains of the victim there in several containers. Later, the body of Vekshin was also discovered. The corpse was also lying in the container, it had many stab wounds.

Earlier, the star of the TV series “Voronins” Ekaterina Volkova got in touch with subscribers after the news about the arrest of her brother Leonid. She called what happened a “terrible dream”


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