Baza: in Moscow, scammers deceived the secretary of United Russia out of almost a million rubles

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In Moscow, the secretary of the district branch of United Russia, Natalya Cohen, gave 864 thousand rubles to scammers. She took the money on credit. Baza reports this.

“At the end of August, Natalya Cohen received a call allegedly from the FSB and was told that a fictitious loan had been taken out in her name. According to the callers, she needs to help the authorities catch the criminals. To do this, the woman was convinced to apply for a real loan and transfer the 864 thousand rubles received to the specified account,” the authors of the telegram channel report.

The URA.RU correspondent sent inquiries to the press services of the Moscow branch of United Russia and the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Moscow. Responses are awaited.


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