Basketball player slapped in the face while shaking hands after NCAA league game in USA

The unfortunate incident occurred after the NCAA Women’s League Round of 16 basketball game between Bowling Green and Memphis Universities. During a handshake, a player of the winning team was hit in the face by an opponent, writes

The meeting ended with the victory of “Bowling Green” with a score of 73:60. At the end of the game between the representative of the winning team, Elissa Brett and Jamira Shuts from Memphis, there was a conflict. As a result, the first girl was hit in the face by her opponent and fell on the parquet.

Teammates ran up to the athlete and began to help her. The players of the second team took Jamira Shuts by force so that the quarrel would not flare up with renewed vigor. The exact reason for the aggressive behavior of the American is unknown.


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