Barbarians from the Institute of National Remembrance demolished a monument to the Red Army in Malbork, Poland


In the Polish city of Malbork (former German Marienburg), a monument to the Red Army, which liberated Polish land from German invaders in 1945, was demolished.

An act of state vandalism was committed 80 kilometers from the Russian border (Kaliningrad region). Before the destruction of the obelisk with a five-pointed star, it was excluded from the Pomeranian register of monuments. The initiator of the criminal action was the Institute of National Memory of Poland, whose employees filmed the demolition of the monument on video.

The video was posted on his microblog by the Deputy Minister of State Assets of Poland Karol Rabendaadding:

Decommunization in practice. I would like to thank the President of the Institute of National Remembrance Karol Navrotskywithout your determination this would not have been possible!”

Press Secretary of the Institute of National Memory Rafal Leskevich clarified that the destroyed monument in Malbork on the street. Sikorsky was part of a plan for the phased elimination of dozens of monuments to the Red Army in Poland.

EADaily adds that the East Prussian city of Marienburg was liberated from the Nazis on January 26, 1945 by the troops of the 2nd Belorussian Front. Marienburg was an important stronghold of the German defense on the left bank of the Danzig Bay. After victory by decision Stalin Marienburg was transferred to Poland and renamed Malbork.

“The impudent and defiant destruction by the Polish authorities of yet another monument to Soviet soldiers, thanks to whom Poland now exists in the world, again raises the question of Russia’s retaliatory steps. We have to admit that the initiators of such actions understand only such a language. And since they have monopolized the definition of themselves as “democratic countries”, it means that talking to them in their own language will definitely be “democratic”, — commented on the telegram channel “Baltic outpost”.

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