: Life found out what will be the procedure for receiving in June, as well as who can count on additional payments.

Starting June 1, new amendments to the law “On Enforcement Proceedings” come into force. Now banks are required to filter cash receipts into customer accounts.

Separate labeling is introduced for social . This is done in order to protect them from forced write-offs for debts.

“It is, in particular, a moratorium on collecting debts from pensions for the loss of a breadwinner, as well as a number of other social payments and benefits from the state,” said Yevgenia Sokolovskaya, a specialist in the field of GR practice. – Now, if a person has a debt and a social payment has come to his account, it will not be automatically written off.

According to the law, until July 1, all who received payments through banks had to switch to the Mir card.

The last transfers to cards of Visa and Mastercard payment systems should have passed in June. Because of the pandemic, the situation has changed.

“The Bank of Russia has extended the process of transition of pensioners to cards of the national payment system Mir until October 1, 2020,” the Russian Pension Fund said. – We draw your attention to the fact that banks issue new cards. It is not necessary to notify the Pension Fund of a change in card details. Information about this in the FIU will come from the bank.

Due to the transfer of the USE in June, pensioners who have dependents will be able to receive another payment. We are talking about students who are over 18 years old.

“A fixed payment for a dependent is paid until the child graduates from school,” said Oksana Krasovskaya, leading lawyer at the European Legal Service. – According to Rosobrnadzor, “the start date for the main USE 2020 period will be postponed to June 8, USE 2020 to June 9.” This means that the term for graduation is also postponed.

In June, the temporary procedure for obtaining and receiving pensions, which is valid during the epidemic of the coronavirus, is also extended.

According to the PFR, according to the law, a pensioner who has drawn up his pension by proxy for another person must personally come to the fund’s customer service or delivery organization once a year. Thus, he needs to confirm the fact of receiving the money.

Until July, this procedure has been suspended and the fact of receiving a pension is implied by default. Thanks to this, the payment by proxy continues even after the expiration of the payment period, the FIU explained.

Beneficiaries who are 18 years old do not need to apply to the Pension Fund in the coming months to confirm the fact of training and extend the payment. Until July 1, 2020, training will be implied by default.

“Pensioners who do not have a permanent residence in Russia receive a social pension. It is granted subject to a personal statement from the pensioner, which confirms his actual place of residence. After the appointment of a pension, such a statement must be submitted once a year, otherwise the person will lose the right to payment. Until July, the procedure for confirming residence has been suspended. Pensioners do not need to submit an application to the FIU in order to continue to receive a pension “- Pension Fund of Russia

Recall that from May 1, 2020, pensioners have the opportunity to receive additional payments. This applies to single people over 65 who live in the suburbs. They are entitled to an increase of one thousand rubles. To get paid, you need to contact the social security authorities.