Balloon diet: Scientists have discovered a new way to lose weight |  Freepik Company S.L. | Freepik Company S.L.

A new study has found that combining an ingestible gastric balloon with a weight loss drug can lead to a 19% weight loss in eight months. This is reported by ““.

The study involved 181 people with an initial weight of 94.8 kg on average. All participants received a balloon insertion and were prescribed liraglutide to control insulin release in the pancreas. After 16 weeks, participants lost an average of 14% of their original body weight and 74% of excess weight.

After removing the balloon from the body, the patients were transferred to the Mediterranean diet, which they followed for at least six months. The scientists noted that the swallowable gastric balloon is a new development and does not require endoscopy for insertion. It fills with liquid within 20 minutes and causes the stomach to contract, which reduces the amount of food a person can eat, leading to weight loss.

Earlier media reported that the drug tirzepatide can improve body composition in obesity. People who took it were able to reduce fat mass by 33-36%.


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