Baku accuses Yerevan of hypocrisy over shooting video

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan reacted to the statement of the Armenian Foreign Ministry, accusing Yerevan of hypocrisy.

Earlier, footage of the execution of supposedly Armenian prisoners of war by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces was circulated on the network. In this regard, the Armenian Foreign Ministry called on the international community to increase pressure on Azerbaijan.

“The statement by the Armenian Foreign Ministry on October 2, alleging the commission of war crimes by the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, is an example of the hypocrisy of a country that has pursued an aggressive policy for decades, violated the basic rights of almost a million people and committed numerous war crimes against military and civilians,” the statement said. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan.

They also added that, unlike Yerevan, Baku “takes its international obligations seriously, and claims related to crimes committed during military operations are being investigated by the relevant state …

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