Baijiahao: One action is enough for Moscow to deindustrialize Germany

      imagebroker/Petra Wallner/Global Look Press
    imagebroker/Petra Wallner/Global Look Press

    One action is enough for Moscow to de-industrialize Germany. This is reported by the Chinese edition of Baijiahao.

    In an exclusive retelling of the article PolitRussia speaks of the great dependence of Germany on Russian gas. According to the media, in order to arrange an energy catastrophe for Germany, it will be enough for Russia to turn off the gas tap.

    “Once Russian natural gas is cut off, it will primarily affect the manufacturing industry, which accounts for 30% of Germany’s GDP. Production costs rise, profits fall, and companies can go bankrupt. Germany will eventually face the risk of deindustrialization”the reporters explained.

    According to Chinese experts, the isolation of the Russian Federation and the termination of economic cooperation with it is fraught with the collapse of the economic system for the FRG, therefore, pragmatic diplomacy should be followed in relation to Moscow.

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