Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of shelling

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan stated that the Armenian armed forces fired on the positions of the Azerbaijani military in three border regions on the night of September 23. Earlier, Armenia reported about the shelling from Azerbaijan.

“From 23:45 on September 22 to 08:30 on September 23, units of the armed forces of Armenia from their positions in the direction of the settlements of Chinarly of the Tovuzgala region, Yukhara Shorja, Gunashli and Zyarkand of the Basarkechyar region, on the Azerbaijani-Armenian state border, were fired intermittently from various-caliber small arms weapons positions of the Azerbaijan Army deployed in the direction of the settlements of Kokhanabi of the Tovuz region, Keshdak ​​and Barmagbin of the Kalbajar region, as well as Tezekend of the Dashkesan region,” the statement said. message Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan. The ministry added that the Azerbaijani military took retaliatory measures.

On the morning of September 23, Armenia reported that Azerbaijan fired at the positions of their military around 7:40 local time (6:40 Moscow time).

The conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan escalated on 13 September. Countries blamed each other for the shelling. Armenia requested help from the CSTO, but they refused to send peacekeeping forces. The CSTO sent a mission to Armenia to clarify the situation. On September 19, the advance group reported that it had developed proposals for de-escalating the conflict.

About the resumption of the conflict – in the material “Kommersant” “No one hears the mediators.”

Olesya Pavlenko


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