Austrian colonel Reisner: the main contingent of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has already been withdrawn from Artemovsk

MOSCOW, 7 Mar — Russian troops will soon take control of Artyomovsk, while the forces of the Kyiv regime have already begun to retreat, he told the portal RND Austrian Colonel Markus Reisner.
According to the Commander of the Guards of the Austrian Armed Forces, Russian forces already control all the main roads, and for the Armed Forces of Ukraine there is only the possibility of retreat through the fields and meadows in the west.
Reisner also noted that recent weeks have significantly limited Ukraine’s offensive capabilities.
Earlier, the German newspaper Bild, citing sources, reported that the situation around Artemovsk caused disagreements between Volodymyr Zelensky and Zaluzhny, who a few weeks ago called for thinking about retreating from this city.

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