Australian hacker demanded $1 million for stolen data, then apologized

Yesterday, September 26, an anonymous user under the nickname optusdata published data of 10 thousand users of the Australian mobile operator Optus and demanded $1 million in cryptocurrency, threatening to publish data of another 10 thousand users daily. However, this morning, September 27, this post was deleted, and in the new optusdata, he apologized and promised to delete all the stolen data.

Singapore-based Optus, Australia’s second largest mobile operator, reported last week that 10 million user data had been stolen by hackers. The data included home addresses, passport and driver’s license numbers, health insurance and more. Among the data released on Monday by optusdata were, in particular, the email addresses of employees of the Department of Defense and the office of the Australian Prime Minister.

The Australian police and other law enforcement agencies are investigating in cooperation with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. At the same time, they refuse to report whether the owners of optusdata are behind the hack. Australian authorities have already criticized Optus for its lack of data security, which “essentially left a window open” for hackers. Optus CEO Kelly Bayer Rosemary said there is “a lot of misinformation” around the situation and that the company is serious about protecting user data.

Some cybersecurity experts believe that hacking may not be due to technological problems, but to a human factor. β€œIn Optus and many other organizations of this kind, there is really good control in terms of network protection, intrusion detection and other things like that. But somewhere there was a weak point, and based on what we usually met, this weak point is connected with people, ”— notes head of the cybersecurity center at the University of New South Wales and former police officer Nigel Fair.

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