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Aurora: How do storms from the sun drown the Earth’s poles in colorful light? Scientists proved for the first time

How do Auroras Form: For the first time, scientists have proved with the help of an experiment, how the Northern and Southern Lights visible in the sky of the North and South Pole are formed.

Many times such a view is seen from the south and north poles of the earth, which does not seem less than the magic of nature. Northern Lights or Aurora borealis and Southern Lights or Aurora australis look like a laser light show in the sky. For thousands of years people tried to understand why this amazing light appeared. One theory about this was believed that when the particles emanating from the explosion on the Sun collide with the Earth’s magnetic field and the upper atmosphere, which emits many colors of light from them. Now this theory has also been proved. (Photo: NASA/ESA)

How are Aurora made?


In a study published in Nature Communications, scientists from the University of California, Vuitton College, University of Iowa and Space Science Institute in Los Angeles have proved this theory. For this, experiments were done on the Large Plasma Device at UCLA’s Basic Plasma Science Facility. Here conditions similar to Earth’s magnetosphere were created and then alpha waves were launched into the 20-metre-long chamber of the plasma device. (Photo: UCLA, Basic Plasma Science Facility)

How did the experiment

Alphene waves are believed to collect only a few electrons in the plasma of space. That’s why physicists tried to find out whether there are electrons that are traveling at the same rate as the electric field of waves. It is very difficult to find them because their number is very less. University of Iowa associate professor of physics, Gregory Hause, explained that the electric field in these electrons causes resonant acceleration, as if a surfer were trying to catch a wave, while simultaneously moving along with the wave. Getting up to speed too. (ESA/NASA)

That’s why there are so many colors

Hauge said that the Alphen Waves are seen after geomagnetic storms. These storms result from coronal mass ejections when the sun explodes. These cause magnetic reconnection in the Earth’s magnetic field. During this, the magnetic field lines are stretched like a rubber band and then strongly reconnected. Because of these, the alpha wave comes out towards the earth. During a solar storm, the region of magnetic reconnection shifts, the alphon waves and the electrons moving with them are in separate field lines, giving us the appearance of aurora of light of many colors. (NASA)


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