Home News Ataman of the Great Don Army resigned ahead of schedule

Ataman of the Great Don Army resigned ahead of schedule


Vitaly Bobylchenko prematurely resigned the powers of the ataman of the military Cossack society “Great Don Army”. This became known on June 17 at the council of chieftains in Novocherkassk (Rostov region), in which the chieftain of the All-Russian Cossack Society took part Nikolai Doluda.

Addressing the audience, the Cossack general dwelled on a comprehensive approach to strengthening the interaction between the Cossacks and the government, the upcoming transformations in the personnel policy of military Cossack societies, their territorial structure, and management. Doluda paid special attention to the tasks facing the oldest military Cossack society in Russia.

“The Great Don Army was the first – both historically, in terms of the time of its formation, and in terms of the strength of its development – it always marched in the forefront of the Cossack movement in Russia. It’s time to return the army to the forefront, which the Great Don Army …


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