At the mobilization point at the Verkhny Lars border checkpoint, 180 summonses were handed over

180 Russians who wanted to leave for Georgia through the Upper Lars checkpoint were issued summonses at the local mobilization point. Abril Abdullayev, deputy military commissar of North Ossetia, told Interfax about this.

The plans to organize a mobilization point at the Upper Lars checkpoint became known on September 27. Initially, only the citizens of North Ossetia were handed summons there. Later, local authorities clarified that the subpoenas at this point would be handed over to everyone who is subject to partial mobilization.

On September 28, entry into the territory of North Ossetia was restricted for Russian citizens due to a large accumulation of cars wishing to leave for Georgia. The ban does not include residents of North Ossetia, South Ossetia and Georgia, as well as tourists. There is an FSB armored personnel carrier on the border with Georgia, in case people wishing to leave the country want to break through the border.

For nine days – from September 17 to 26 – about 78 thousand Russians entered Georgia, and more than 62 thousand left. For comparison: in June, 90 thousand Russians entered Georgia. Then this figure increased by 503% compared to June 2021.

Anastasia Larina


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