At the forum “Travel!”, which opened in Moscow, discussed the problems of domestic tourism

“Each of us is a tourist”: under this slogan, the “Travel!” forum began its work in Moscow. Industry Square at VDNKh turned into a real guide to the regions of Russia for four days. You can visit Karelia, Suzdal, Ural, Murmansk and many other places that are in demand among tourists by looking into the corresponding pavilions, where souvenirs and treats of local cuisine will be waiting for you.

The partner country this year is Kyrgyzstan, which brought its national flavor and maps of the best tourist routes to Moscow. Also on the site are Uzbekistan, the Philippines and Saudi Arabia. First Deputy Governor of the Vladimir Region spoke at the ceremony Alexander Remigawho announced that in honor of the 1000th anniversary of Vladimir next year, Suzdal and the entire Vladimir region will receive the status of “New Year’s capital of Russia”.

“To refresh for the inhabitants of Russia the history of the XII-XIV centuries, which by and large were a turning point for the history of our state, the same as we are experiencing today. You can not only read in history books about Vladimir Monomakh, Yuri Dolgoruky, Vsevolod the Big Nest or Andrey Bogolyubsky – he, by the way, was the first prince who transferred the capital from Kyiv to Vladimir. After that, Vladimir was at the head of the Russian principalities for 200 years, ”Remiga emphasized.

Deputy Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation Dmitry Vakhrukov noted the rapid growth of domestic tourism in Russia.

“Last year, we note the growth of the industry by about 6%. Following the results of four months, the growth continues. So, for the first four months, Rosstat recorded an increase in hotel accommodation by 17%. Such dynamics of demand has a positive effect on the investment activity of the industry. We see a significant increase in investment in the construction of new hotels, in other tourism infrastructure,” Vakhrukov reported.

The director of the Tourism.rf Corporation spoke about the improvement of the “tourist magnets” in the south of Russia and the creation of two more ski resorts, in addition to Krasnaya Polyana. Dmitry Krasnoperov.

“We are talking about creating a transport link between the resorts of Arkhyz, Lagonaki and Krasnaya Polyana. The creation of transport links between these regions will reduce the travel time for tourists from the mountain cluster by sea by two to three times. We will increase the tourist flow to 8,000,000 people a year and create a world-class ski resort,” he promised.

Of course, tourism in Russia is experiencing a number of difficulties. This is not enough rapid development, especially in the field of sanatorium treatment, and the low interest of citizens in autotourism. People are not eager to go on long journeys in personal cars. Fears are caused by bad roads, the lack of mobile communications on the highway, or the underdeveloped infrastructure of gas stations and car services along the way. Many are also afraid of the price of the issue.

“Tourism today in Russia is mega-expensive. It is expensive to travel around our country. Therefore, most of the Russians are and live in their dachas, ”said the director of the Urban Economy division of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives Olga Zakharova.

Now Russia pays a lot of attention not only to the development of domestic tourism, but also to the opening of borders with friendly countries, abolishing the visa regime with some of them.

“We have not yet received a list from the Chinese side. We expect, we work literally on a weekly basis with the authorized bodies of China – the Foreign Ministry and the embassy. This is the only thing that keeps us from starting the process today. But I want to note that we have received such a list from the Iranian side, and in the near future we will launch this work on visa-free group trips to Iran,” Dmitry Vakhrukov reported.

From June 8 to 11, forum visitors will be treated to presentations on various formats of travel in Russia and other countries, master classes in folk crafts, performances by ethnic groups, tasting of popular regional treats, talk shows and meetings with famous bloggers.


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