At the disposal of the FAN was a complete list of children injured in the collapse of the stands at the stadium in Rostov-on-Don

Federal News Agency |  Stepan Yatsko
Federal News Agency | Stepan Yatsko

New details of the collapse of the stands at the stadium “Mushroom Canal-Don” were available FAN. The number of injured children who arrived in Rostov-on-Don from Bataysk has increased to 20 people.

Three children are currently in intensive care, one of the young athletes received lacerations on his face, another player has two broken fingers. Schoolchildren injured in the collapse are 12-13 years old, with the exception of a ten-year-old cheerleader.

1 Michael I., in reanimation

2 Alexander M., in reanimation

3 Vladislav K., in reanimation

4 Dmitry S., facial lacerations

5 Ivan G., broken two fingers, bruised head

6 Anastasia M., back bruise

7 Ivan D., bruises

8 Sergey V., knee injury

9 Dmitry Ch, knee injury

10 Timur K., bruises

eleven Leonid M., bruises

12 Egor K.knee injury

13 Arseniy S., bruises

14 Andrey P., bruises

15 Dmitry E., bruises

16 Andrey P., bruises

17 Daniel B., bruises

18 Alexander R.on examination

19 Egor L., refused hospitalization

20 Egor Kexamined, does not require hospitalization

In addition to 19 participants in the competition playing for the Bataysk team, the sister of one of the athletes was among the victims – the girl received injuries in the back area. The brother of a young cheerleader is among the children in intensive care.

Died in the collapse Ludmila Alieva was able to protect her son at the cost of her life. The boy received bruises, but is currently at home.

Earlier it was reported that 19 children from the Bataisk children’s football team were injured. Seven young athletes were hospitalized, 12 football players with minor injuries were sent for home treatment.


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