at least 460 children were killed due to relentless violence in afghanistan taliban UNICEF reports claim – International news in Hindi

So now Afghanistan has become a graveyard for innocent children. At least it seems so from a UNICEF report. The report claimed that at least 460 children died in the first six months of this year due to heavy violence in Afghanistan. ‘TOLOnews’ has told in a report that 9 people of the same family died in a blast in Kunduj on Thursday. Among them were four girls and two boys. Three other boys were also injured in this blast.

The UNICEF report said that thousands of lives have been affected here due to the decades-long war in Afghanistan. During the violence in Nangrahar, a 6-year-old innocent Habitullah was paralyzed by his leg and today he is living his life through a prosthetic leg. Habitullah’s father Abdullah said, ‘My son was shot in the leg during the violence. He remained in the hospital for a long time and one of his legs got damaged.

He said that his family has become helpless. He told that now his son is being treated by the Red Cross Society. Mohd Faheem, a therapist here, treats around 10-15 children every day. The mind of these children has become completely stable. He described it as a very serious situation and also cited violence as its main reason. UNICEF has also expressed serious concern over the condition of children in Afghanistan.

UNICEF communications chief Samantha Mort said: “We are deeply concerned about the number of children killed in the blasts so far this year. The death of children is very sad. UNICEF has said in its report that children in Afghanistan have been struggling with poverty and malnutrition for many years.


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