Signs that can become addicted to such an addiction like alcoholism. Of course, a lot depends on a person’s upbringing, on his environment. However, as the proverb says, there are people “born to drink”. It’s good if their favorite job or family will force them to control themselves and indulge themselves occasionally.

But such people have a friendly party, after which everyone else returns to household chores and works, which often develop into a “continuation of the banquet.” Even worse, when such people start to brawl, they cannot stop either at work, or on the plane, and even in the presence of children.

Aries: In general, Aries are very ambitious, proactive, purposeful. They usually make good careers. But they are also sociable and love friends report the portal “Today”. And therefore, it is difficult for them to refuse noisy gatherings, which happen quite often. Some so slowly and go off the right track.

Fishes: Representatives of Pisces are distinguished by increased intuition, tenderness, and artistry. But their weaknesses are excessive trust, sadness, a desire to avoid reality. It is easy to offend Pisces and in this state, they do not run to their friends, but sit by the window with a bottle of wine and begin to dig themselves. This, unfortunately, can become a habit.

Scorpion: Hardy, restrained in words and emotions, Scorpio closes the top three most drinking signs. It would seem, how can such a person get drunk? But, imagine! As it turned out, Scorpios just need a little drink to stop controlling themselves. As a result, Scorpio drinks a lot of excesses and then gets into such stories that have to be raked for years.


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