Assistants to State Duma deputy Burmatov, who destroyed the United Russia office in Chelyabinsk, were expelled from the political council

Presentation of mandates to candidates who won elections to the legislative assembly.  Chelyabinsk, Romanov Maxim

At a meeting of the political council of “United Russia” of the Metallurgical District of Chelyabinsk on November 10, deputy of the regional legislative assembly Maxim Romanov, as well as deputies of the Metallurgical District Council Oleg Maltsev and Sergei Astafiev, were expelled from the political council. All three are assistants to State Duma deputy Vladimir Burmatov. The reason for such measures was the story of the removal of furniture and office equipment from the district party office. This information was confirmed to URA.RU by the Political Council.

“Romanov, Maltsev and Astafiev were expelled for destabilizing the party situation. In addition, they did not pay party fees. Yulia Dmitrieva, assistant to City Duma deputy Yuri Panov, was also expelled. Immediately after the vote, all four were kicked out of the hall,” the political council told URA.RU.

Previously, the regional branch of United Russia recommended expelling not only Romanov, Maltsev and Astafiev, but also Panov. But Panov was not present at the meeting. He stopped communicating after he was summoned for questioning by the Investigative Committee on criminal cases at the Municipal Unitary Enterprise “POVV”. The secretary of the Metallurgical Department, the head of the district, Sergei Kochetkov, proposed to postpone the issue of Panov. As one of the meeting participants told URA.RU, Romanov asked not to expel him from the party, but his request was not heeded.

On August 5, all furniture and office equipment were removed from the premises of the executive committee and the public reception of the Metallurgical Ministry of the Party. Based on the video, the removal was carried out by members of the political council of the local party branch: Romanov, Maltsev and Astafiev. Dmitrieva also took part in the removal of equipment. Only portraits of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Governor Alexei Teksler were left in the office. Furniture and office equipment purchased with party contributions were taken to Romanov. Romanov, Panov, Maltsev and Astafiev are included in the pool of State Duma deputy Vladimir Burmatov.

Astafiev, who previously headed the Metallurgical Department of United Russia, later told URA.RU that all the furniture and office equipment were purchased with Panov’s personal funds, and now they have returned to the owner. According to Astafiev, the entire party branch in the Metallurgical District was supported for several years at Panov’s expense. The regional branch of EP URA.RU stated that the activities of the party office were financed by the party, not by Panov, and no one had the right to empty the office.

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