asaduddin owaisi says pm narendra modi afraid from china raises question over killing in kashmir – India Hindi News


    AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi has launched a scathing attack on PM Narendra Modi regarding Chinese infiltration on the border and terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir. Owaisi said that PM Narendra Modi is always afraid to speak on China. Don’t even put sugar in tea so that China doesn’t come out. Owaisi took a dig at the Modi government over the killings of outsiders in Kashmir and the incidents of infiltration from the Chinese side. He said, ‘We would like to tell Wazire Azam that he does not open his mouth about two things. One is the inflation of petrol and diesel and the other is the intrusion of China. China has entered our country and sat down.

    Owaisi said, ‘When Pakistan did the Pulwama attack, Modi said that we will kill by entering the house, then we said kill. Now China is sitting in Doklam, Depsang and the Prime Minister of India is not doing anything. He is afraid to speak about China. We want to ask the Prime Minister of India that 9 soldiers of the army have been killed and there is a preparation to conduct T20 of India and Pakistan on 24th. Didn’t you say that Indian soldiers are dying and Manmohan Singh’s government is feeding biryani to Pakistan. Today Pakistan is playing T20 in Kashmir with the lives of India’s poor, but what are you doing. What is IB, Amit Shah doing in Kashmir.’

    Terrorists are coming from Pakistan side. You have ceased fire from them, but weapons are coming from drones. You have no policy to deal with terrorism. You do not have any policy to deal with the way target killing is happening in Kashmir. Owaisi raised the direct question about the ceasefire with Pakistan, why it was done. Even after this, weapons are coming from drones and terrorists are infiltrating. Let us inform that so far this month in Jammu and Kashmir, 11 non-Kashmiri people have been killed by terrorists in the Valley.

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