Artificial intelligence in Russia taught to make a diagnosis

Sechenov University scientists taught artificial intelligence to make a diagnosis

Sechenov University specialists have trained artificial intelligence to help doctors make a diagnosis. This was done using the developed digital technique. About it RIA News” reported in the press service of the university.

Artificial intelligence in Russia taught to make a diagnosis

“Scientists from the Center for Analysis of Complex Systems (CASS — ed.) at Sechenov University have developed a digital method for making a diagnosis. With its help, the patient’s treatment time can be reduced by up to 20%,” the report said.

The scientists used data from computed tomography machines, insulin meters, pacemakers, MRI machines, cardiac recorders, and other medical equipment. All these items made it possible to get an idea of ​​each individual patient as a functioning chemical and biological system, the press service added.

Algorithms developed by specialists model the prediction of an individual organism’s response to treatment, and also help to accurately determine how medication prescribed by the attending physician affects morbidity and mortality.

After the experimental and clinical phases of the study, specialists were able to select the most optimal treatment model. The developed technology will make it possible to reduce the duration of treatment by at least 20%, and will also allow doctors to devote more time to treating patients in other areas. Moreover, the technique minimizes the human factor.

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